Why Do We Call Them “Factory-Crafted” Homes?

Today’s manufactured homes are built in a controlled factory environment according to strict codes enforced by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. No other type of home you can buy is built to such exacting standards. In addition, craftsmen who build manufactured homes work without weather interference in cohesive, professional teams under constant supervision. Materials are always protected from the weather and good workmanship is assured. A manufactured home is indeed “factory-crafted” for quality, safety and durability.

Getting Started

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments most people make during their lifetime. To make this investment wisely, gather as much information about factory-crafted homes as you can find. National and state trade associations can provide you with invaluable information. Here is where to reach them:
     Manufactured Housing Institute
     2101 Wilson Blvd #610
     Arlington, VA 22201-3062

     Ohio Manufactured Homes Association
     5640 Frantz Rd.
     Dublin, OH 43017

Selecting The Right Home Center

Although you can buy a factory-crafted home from a real estate agent or current owner, most homes are purchased from retail home centers. The best home center will provide you with support and services you will not find elsewhere. Look for:

  • Long term, established, local business ownership
  • A modern, well-designed, consumer-friendly model home center
  • A large selection of completely furnished, professionally decorated model homes
  • Models manufactured by the largest, most reputable manufacturers (larger manufacturers are more selective in the home centers they choose to represent them)
  • Easily obtained information on floor plans, pricing and warranty coverage
  • A complete staff of professional associates dedicated to your total satisfaction and capable of coordinating all aspects of your project
  • State of the art computer technology to increase overall efficiency and keep costs down
  • Hassle free, help-oriented sales approach
  • A policy of no hidden costs, with full disclosure at time of transaction
  • Pre-construction site inspections to assure smooth delivery and proper installation of your new home
  • A complete staff of fully trained installation and service technicians dedicated to your total satisfaction after the sale
  • A willingness to show you recent installations and provide references of recent purchasers
Once you have narrowed down your choices, call the Better Business Bureau or Ohio Manufactured Homes Association to verify the reputation of the home center. A home center with all these characteristics is an excellent resource for you in your new home search.

Selecting the right home for your needs

Selecting the right home to meet the current and future needs of your family is an important decision. Here are some things to consider to make this decision easier:

  • Determine either the monthly payment range you are comfortable with or the total amount you want to spend.
  • Work with your sales consultant to determine which homes best meet your budge requirements.
  • Select the floor plan that both “feels right” and suits your family’s need for space.
  • Make a list of “must have” and would like to have” options to consider.

Selecting a home site

Where to place your home is another important decision to be made in the factory-crafted home buying process. You can place your home on land you own, in a lease community or in a planned subdivision.

If on your own land:

  • Ask your retailer or local planning/land-use authorities if there are any restrictions or requirements.
  • Review the land title with a title company to determine if there are any restrictive covenants that are part of the property deeds.
  • Check with local utility companies regarding service availability and requirements.
  • Call your local health department regarding well and septic requirements.

If in a lease community or planned subdivision:

  • Ask if a written lease is required for any specified period of time.
  • Ask about who is responsible for grounds maintenance, trash collection, snow removal, street maintenance, etc.
  • Find out if there is a home owner’s association that establishes community rules and regulations.
  • Determine policies for rental increases and whether or not there are any restrictions on selling your home.

Looking for financing

Your retailer should be able to assist you in determining financing options and preparing a loan application or you can make arrangements on your own. Most lenders require a minimum down payment of 5 to 10 percent and will have loan terms ranging from 15 to 30 years. If you are buying the home and land together, or place the home on land you already own, some financial institutions offer traditional real estate mortgages with similar interest rates. Should you be purchasing the factory-crafted home separately from the land on which it will be located it will be financed as a personal property manufactured home loan.

What to expect after you move in

Someone from your home center should do a home orientation in your new home with you. Things the orientation should cover include:

  • Explaining all of the warranties your home comes with
  • Educating you on operating the various things within your home
  • Discussing homeowner maintenance and how to obtain service
Make sure you read your manufacturer warranties carefully and adhere to the home-owner responsibilities that will keep your warranties valid. A good home center will continue to work with you on a long-term basis to assure your satisfaction with your new home and help with any warranty issues or post-installation problems.

We make looking for a home easy and enjoyable

At Williams-Burg Square we think that shopping for a factory crafted home should be a pleasurable experience.  You’ll find only the finest quality homes at our expansive home center, and each decorated and temperature controlled for your comfort.  Knowledgeable consultants are available to answer any questions you may have, but you are free to browse at your leisure – no pressure.

  • Remote Trax Machine

    The Remote Trax Machine for easier installations, even in tough conditions
    Williams-Burg Square is one of the only home center in central Ohio that has invested in The House Tug Machine. We have come to call it the “Remote Trax Machine” because of how it handles even the most difficult of installations. It is a powerful, remote controlled piece of equipment specifically designed to operate in tight spaces, unimproved terrain…even poor weather. Home centers without the “Remote Trax Machine” simply cannot provide the certainty of an efficient installation the way we can at Williams-Burg Sqauare.

  • Computer Systems

    Fully integrated computerized systems provide more efficient operations. When you visit our sales center, one of the things you will probably notice is the presence of computer terminals on every desk. We are committed to an on-going investment in computer technology because it makes us more efficient in everything from internal communications and order tracking to sophisticated workflow systems. The result? We reduce our overhead and streamline operations to provide you with better service and lower total costs. Like the “Remote Trax Machine,” it’s one more thing you won’t find at any other home center in Ohio.